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Stainless Steel Tools
Stainless Steel Tools are the perfect tools employed for professional screw applications. These are offered with excessive hardness as well as robustness, enabling less tool wear as well as advanced & effective torque transfer. These tools can be employed in all conventional parts of application.
Non Sparking Tool Sparkless

This range of Non Sparking Tools Sparkless is recommended for hazards prone working environment. With having 25 to 30 HRc hardness range ( as per Brinell scale), this collection of instruments is appreciated for its exceptional tensile strength and design precision.

Ampco Non Sparking Safety Tools

This array of Ampco Non Sparking Safety Tools is acknowledged for its beryllium free composition, ability to resist combustible fluids and capacity to endure flammable substances. Offered instruments are simple to handle and these have long working life. Optimum strength and prolonged working life are some of their main aspects.


Non Sparking Tools Sparkless 3

Non Sparking Tools Sparkless 3 are known for their standard hardness, long lasting surface finish and ease of handling. Provided instruments have been designed under the guidance of skilled personnel by using quality approved raw materials. Accurate dimension and high strength are some of their main aspects.

Mitutoyo Japan Vernier Calipers

Mitutoyo Japan Vernier Calipers are known for having IP67 protection rating, adjustable parameters and utilization of non toxic raw materials. These instruments are equipped with LCD screen, electromagnetic induction linear encoder and optional cable. These instruments can be operated without battery.

Measurement Micrometers
The Micrometers are known as the micrometer screw gauges, incorporated with standardized screws extensively employed for correct dimension of components in machining and mechanical engineering. These are useful to attain extremely fine measurements and come with imperial as well as metric versions.
Mitutoyo And Other Slip Gauge Block Set

Application of Mitutoyo & Other Slip Gauge Block Sets can be noticed in petrochemical, mechanical engineering, oil refining and also in other fields. With having 99% accuracy level, these instruments are appreciated for their prolonged working life and high strength.

Cutting Tools
The Cutting Tools we offer are more efficient as well as cost effective tools. These high speed tools are capable to hold their cutting edge stiffness even at high machining temperatures that are produced by advanced cutting speeds.
Electronic Measuring Instruments
The Electronic Measuring Instruments are employed to measure all quantities. These gadgets can measure the elementary electrical quantities, such as current and voltage. These basic measuring instruments deliver accurate measurements every time.
Lab Atmospheric Testing Equipment
The Lab Atmospheric Testing Equipment is mostly applicable in Lutron, matrix and fluke for the purpose of testing. Fortified with digital microprocessor based device, the accessible equipment is applicable in pharmaceutical as well as chemical industries. These come with application specific designs as well as lower power intake.
Hand Tools
Hand tools render the benefit of precision in the tasks of fine carving as well as detailed work. The tools are exclusively applicable in the construction trade, such as saws, levels, pullers, clamps and hammers. These tools insure safety and aid in various types of construction jobs.
Industrial Tools

This array of Industrial Tools is used as essential part of drilling, bending and other jobs. Made of forged alloy material, offered tools have adjustable operating speed. Provides tools can withstand up to 30 tons of pressure. Prolonged working life, ergonomic design and low maintenance cost are their key aspects.

Lutron Testing Equipment

Lutron Testing Equipments have been designed as per international norms. Simple to operate, these testing apparatus are compact in shape and these can be availed at reasonable price range from us. Low maintenance cost, user friendly mechanism, reasonable price and application of state of the art mechanism are their main aspects.

Gal Weld Gauges
The optimal quality Gal Weld Gauges is celebrated as easiest to utilize gauges. These are helpful to check for concavity as well as fillet size. These essential tools are suited for a rapidly checking, misalignment and other kindred work.
Surface Roughness Tester

Application of Surface Roughness Testers can be noticed in workshops, laboratories and in various institutes for determining slopping surface and outer cylinder surface properties. These are drive by rechargeable Li-on battery. Simple operating method and LCD display arrangement are their key aspects.

Precision Machine Tools
We provide high-quality Straight Edge Tools, employed for drawing straight lines, as well as analyzing their straightness. These are suited in the automotive service as well as machining industry to examine the uniformity of machined mating shells.
Holiday Detector

Holiday Detectors are reckoned for their high output, ergonomic appearance, excellent performance and low cost. Automatic operation, standard voltage range, computer controlled mechanism and energy efficient functioning are the key aspects of these instruments. We offer these products at reasonable price range.


Pneumatic  Air Tools
This range of Pneumatic Air Tools is appreciated for its shock and wear proof design, light weight and simple installation method. Offered in different specifications, these instruments are appreciated for their high strength and low maintenance charge. We offer these items at competitive price range.
Testing Products
The Digital Hardness Testers can be employed within a variability of settings, including the chemical, utilities, automotive and production industries. The small sizes of these enable for simple transportation. These can be oriented in both horizontal as well as vertical axis.
Inspection Mirrors
This range of Inspection Mirrors is acknowledged for its global norms. Simple to operate, these products are appreciated for their ergonomic appearance and exceptional strength. These products can be easily operated even in dark areas. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
Torque Tools

This array of Torque Tools has been developed by qualified personnel by using advanced machineries. Designed as per international norms, this range of tools is appreciated for its prolonged working life, high strength, long lasting quality, user friendly mechanism and high output.

Surface Testing Equipment

This array of Surface Testing Equipments is acknowledged for having IP64 protection rating and impact proof design. Offered testing apparatus is acknowledged for its fast reading function, prolonged working life, good integrity with advanced software and capacity to transfer measured value without any delay.

Sylvac Measuring Instrument

Sylvac Measuring Instruments have been designed as per IEC norms. Developed from high strength stainless steel, this array of instruments is appreciated for its ease of handling, Bluetooth supported data transmission arrangement and precise operation. We offer these instruments at reasonable price range.

Industrial Elcotest

This array of Elcotest instruments is appreciated for its long lasting quality, ease of handling and battery driven Eco-friendly mechanism. These tools display measured value in mils, um or mm unit. Automatic operation, error free functioning, long working life and low maintenance cost are their main aspects.

Insize Tool

Offered collection of Insize Tools is reckoned for its fast operation, portable design, error free functioning and battery powered operation. Provided instruments are cost effective and their mechanism is reliable. Customers can avail these instruments at reasonable price range from us.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack
The Hydraulic Bottle Jacks make use of a screw thread to lift the heavy apparatus. These make use of a hydraulic power and are typically assessed their maximal lifting capacity. These come with heat treated extension screws enabling supreme lift height as well as low pickup height modification.