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Stainless Steel Tools
Stainless Steel Tools are the perfect tools employed for professional screw applications. These are offered with excessive hardness as well as robustness, enabling less tool wear as well as advanced & effective torque transfer. These tools can be employed in all conventional parts of application.
Non Sparking Tools
Non Sparking Tools offered by us are noted as the spark-resistant as well as spark-proof tackles. These tools have been specifically provided for absolute protection against explosions as well as fire. These are specifically applicable in CNG Plant, Petroleum & Gas industry and many other industrial units.
The Micrometers are known as the micrometer screw gauges, incorporated with standardized screws extensively employed for correct dimension of components in machining and mechanical engineering. These are useful to attain extremely fine measurements and come with imperial as well as metric versions.
Cutting Tools
The Cutting Tools we offer are more efficient as well as cost effective tools. These high speed tools are capable to hold their cutting edge stiffness even at high machining temperatures that are produced by advanced cutting speeds.
Electronic Measuring Instruments
The Electronic Measuring Instruments are employed to measure all quantities. These gadgets can measure the elementary electrical quantities, such as current and voltage. These basic measuring instruments deliver accurate measurements every time.
Lab Atmospheric Testing Equipment
The Lab Atmospheric Testing Equipment is mostly applicable in Lutron, matrix and fluke for the purpose of testing. Fortified with digital microprocessor based device, the accessible equipment is applicable in pharmaceutical as well as chemical industries. These come with application specific designs as well as lower power intake.
Hand Tools
Hand tools render the benefit of precision in the tasks of fine carving as well as detailed work. The tools are exclusively applicable in the construction trade, such as saws, levels, pullers, clamps and hammers. These tools insure safety and aid in various types of construction jobs.
Gal Weld Gauges
The optimal quality Gal Weld Gauges is celebrated as easiest to utilize gauges. These are helpful to check for concavity as well as fillet size. These essential tools are suited for a rapidly checking, misalignment and other kindred work.
Precision Machine Tools
We provide high-quality Straight Edge Tools, employed for drawing straight lines, as well as analyzing their straightness. These are suited in the automotive service as well as machining industry to examine the uniformity of machined mating shells.
Hydraulic Bottle Jack
The Hydraulic Bottle Jacks make use of a screw thread to lift the heavy apparatus. These make use of a hydraulic power and are typically assessed their maximal lifting capacity. These come with heat treated extension screws enabling supreme lift height as well as low pickup height modification.